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So I just got back from the Big Show.

I attended the first show, 8pm Friday night, and was in Standing Section 5.

For those of you who haven’t read my previous accounts, this is not my first Big Show. I went in 2011 as well, and I’ve been in standing for the past two YG Family Concerts as well. I guess what I’m trying to say is I have experience to compare it to.

I’ll start with the positives.

1. TAEYANG HAS A SEXY ASS TATTOO. AND IT’S REAL. He ripped his shirt off towards the end of the concert (he did earlier, but I was on the wrong side) and you could see a tattoo and I was like OH. MY. GOD. But I wasn’t sure. Then in the encore, he took his shirt off again and he pointed to the tattoo all like a bad-ass. It’s a big cross on his right side. It’s goes from just above his hips all the way up the side. I can’t imagine how long it must have taken. Probably at least a few hours. I have a tattoo on my right ribcage as well and it’s half the size and it took over two hours to get done.

2. G-Dragon has a lot more tattoos than I remember and they are all awesome. There is one that is on his right ribcage and I think it says “Forever” in script. Maybe other people know about this tattoo but I had never seen it before.

3. Seungri with a gun. He looked so bad ass. Although, during his solo stage I really thought it was like he was channelling Taeyang too much. He even had like the army cargo vest thingy (I’m not explaining this well) that Taeyang wore in Where you At (I think…) It was just so Taeyang like - t-shirts with no sleeves, pelvic thrusts, make-up accentuating his arms.

4. Haru Haru was beautiful. Absolutley freaking beautiful. I think I’m finally starting to get over the overwhelming just OH MY GOD BIG BANG IS SO CLOSE TO ME feeling and really just listen to the songs when they are singing. Haru Haru was one of the best.

5. Daesung did this adorable smile thing during one of the group songs (I can’t remember which) and he was right in front of my section and I died, and you could literally see 30 girls around me watch daesung and swoon. It was so aweseome. Also, Daesung wearing wings and flying. So much symbolism about recovering and thriving there.

6. G-Dragon’s pink in his hair.

7. Seungri’s haircut is not as harsh looking, and when he was close to me, he looked very much like a normal person.

8. Daesung’s new style and all the clothing he wore made him like like he was 18 and I just wanted to bite him.

9. TOP said his hair was like mint chocolate chip after GD said it looked delicious.

10. So much sincerity, in everything.

11. All the intros to the songs were AWESOME. Transitions were pretty good too, although long.

Now for the negatives:

1. I was EXTREMELY disappointed by the behavior of VIPS in the standing section. It appeared that the section I was in was the worst behaved, but it was actually dangerous the way people were pushing. Before the concert even started, it was like a mosh pit. I had elbows in my chest and stomach, and almost lost my bag altogether. People were shoving like they had been possessed by some ridiculous demon that demands they be as close to the stage, no matter who they had to knock down to get there. A bit of pushing in standing is a given, but this was violent and excessive. I know for a fact that it was BOTH international and Korean VIPs who were guilty of this. My ticket number was pretty good (176 out of 800 or something), but I almost wish I didn’t have that number. People who entered much, much after I did were causing an actual hazard to other people because of their violent pushing. I saw whole groups of people fall in the course of the concert several times. Luckily no one was injured during those incidents, but the potential was great. Additionally, I saw about six girls from my section alone be pulled over the barrier limp as rag dolls because they passed out. And those that tried to remove themselves before they got to that point were faced with people unwilling to make way for them. It was awful, and it reflect badly on everyone.

2. I thought some of the transitions were weird, especially this one with a ridiculous animated dragon. It didn’t really match the theme (there is some mission for Big Bang to save the earth and get these “orbs”) and it was just really random and kind of silly looking. Other transitions were great, and the musical arrangement was excellent.

3. During Knock Out (GDTOP stage), one of the dancers had this outfit that I think was intentionally supposed to show her “underwear” or something. I didn’t get it and I thought it looked skanky. I think it was intentional, but I’m not sure. Regardless, I didn’t like that.

4. It lasted just under two hours (including encore) which is on the short side. It was like an hour and 50 min. It started at about 8:10 and ended at almost 10 on the dot.

5. There wasn’t as much fan interaction as previous concerts. They didn’t ever get anywhere near the second and third floors like they have in the past. But with the way the fans acted, I can understand.

6. TOP was not feeling well, although I didn’t get that vibe at first. He apologized to the crowd, and we chanted it’s okay, it’s okay. At the end of the show, though, I could see that he was looking real tired. TOP did say that he’ll be feeling better tomorrow, so we should just come tomorrow. lol

All in all, the performances were great, but that atmosphere could have been better if VIPs were more respectful. I’ve had lower number standing tickets before, and you just have to deal with it, not push others and be disrespectful.

There were a lot more international fans than last year.

The boys sang beautifully. The choreography for Fantastic Baby was really ridiculous. But fun. Everything else performance-wise was great.

In the meantime, check out my translations/romanizations of the Alive Album (unfinished) at www.reallykpop.com and my Alive album opening videos at www.youtube.com/reallywally

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